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      Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipes Group Co.,Ltd.

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      Bridge Crane: 32-ton heavy steel coil can be lifted.
      Uncoiler: double cone head uncoiler, removable 32 tons of steel coil.
      Straightening machine: for the seven-roll leveling, thickness up to 20mm.
      Shears: 2000mm * 20mm coil can be cut.
      Welding machine: welding steel head and tail.
      Disc scissors: cut the board to meet the specified size of the burr.
      Milling machine: ≥ 10mm of the steel plate processed into the required groove.
      Vertical roller device: to ensure that steel along the delivery line.
      Delivery machine: two-roller conveyor for the main driving force.
      Guide plate: to ensure the balance of steel into the molding machine.
      Forming machine and the bridge, the output roller, three-roll bending and external roller sizing machine:
      Can be formed Φ219-Φ3500mm steel pipe.
      Inside and outside the welding device: single-wire welding, welding double wire, use Lincoln welder,
      And infrared thermal imaging within the welding tracking control system.
      Flux recovery device: Recover solder flux after welding.
      Automatic external welding device: repair weld defects.
      Flat head chamfering machine: to ensure the standard end of the pipe requirements.
      Hydraulic pressure testing machine: 100% water pressure test.
      Weighing device: Weigh and measure the length of steel pipe.


      1, industrial television inspection equipment: inspection within the weld appearance quality.
      2, magnetic flaw detector: test near the table pipe defects.
      3, ultrasonic automatic continuous flaw detector: inspection of steel pipe length of the transverse and longitudinal weld defects.
      4, ultrasonic manual flaw detector: re-examination of defects in steel pipe, weld inspection and water pressure weld quality.
      5, X-ray automatic flaw detector and industrial television imaging equipment: inspection of the internal quality of steel pipe length weld, the sensitivity of not less than 4%.
      6, X-ray film equipment: the original weld and weld inspection weld, the sensitivity of not less than 2%.


      7,2200 tons of hydraulic press and computer automatic recording system: test the pressure of each pipe quality.
      8, mechanical properties test equipment:
      A hydraulic universal testing machine and computer control system: complete the base metal and weld mechanical properties tests, including tension, guide bending, 100 kN, 300 kN, 600 kN and 1000 kN, and several other types.
      B slot machine: for Charpy impact test slot processing.
      C Charpy impact testing machine: Charpy impact test at each test temperature, the impact of 300J.
      D processing a variety of sample machine: including cars, milling, planing, grinding machines.
      E low temperature box: the lowest temperature -80 ℃
      9, chemical composition analysis instruments:
      A direct reading spectrometer: can detect 26 kinds of chemical elements.
      B hardness tester: a HV10kg, HBRV187.5kg, HR150kg and HB3000kg and other categories


      GB spiral pipe
      Inside the 8710-epoxy
      Anticorrosion Spiral
      Φ720 * 8mm spiral st
      SGZ-2 new polymer ant
      2PE / 3PE anti-corros
      Three cloth four oil
      Small diameter spiral

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